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Dear customers

In many cases it’s uneconomical to buy a certain type of scale for the reason of low usage of the scale and also of the higher price of some of the special scales or if You don’t wish to burden Your company with deductions in the future and also maintenance expenses of the scales.

In many cases it’s more convenient to rent the scale short term or long term including all the complex services.

The scale rent is mostly used for:

  • Stocktaking (also scales with piece counting)

  • Breakdown of Your own scales or to try out before buying

  • Moving materials to other stores/warehouses

  • Occasional need to weigh enormous weights at hand overs of goods etc.

Our company rents scales short term and long term including full – service. From laboratory scales to scales able to measure enormous weights. This metod most commonly use fast growing companies with high increasing capital, but also tradesmen for occasional quality control of delivered goods from their suppliers.

Our services are using for instance:

  • KSR Industrial, s.r.o.

  • Linaset, a.s.

  • Jansen Display s.r.o.

  • Astron Buildings s.r.o.

  • AK 1324, s.r.o.

We are looking forward to your demands! Call on us!

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Last update: 3.5.2017